Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Magical Disney Kind Of Day... #DisneySide @Home Celebration

*I received a party kit free of charge so that I could host my #DisneySide @Home Celebration.  Thanks to MomSelect and Disney Parks for allowing us to participate and for supplying the free products.

If you come in my home as soon as you walk in signs of Disney are everywhere.  My family and I absolutely love everything Disney, especially my daughter.  Her favorite Disney characters as of right now are Sofia the First, Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins.  She loves to show her #DisneySide by dressing up in her Disney costumes.  For each character she dresses up like she really plays the part very well.  She amazes me at they way she actually "transforms" and becomes the character knowing exactly what they say and how they say it.  I could sit and watch her perform all day every day if I could.  Disney holds a special place in our hearts and it brings out our inner child.

Since we love Disney so much we were so excited to be selected to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration sponsored by Disney Parks.  We have already had a few Disney themed parties this year and they were all so much fun.  One party was my daughter's 5th birthday which was Sofia the First themed, it was so cute.  For our #DisneySide @Home Celebration party the theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I was sent a wonderful kit to help make my party special for my guests.  They also sent me an American Tourist suitcase as a gift for hosting the party.  I was really surprised because it is a really nice, high quality suitcase.  I will definitely be using it when we go to Disney World this Fall.  Check out some photos of my party kit below.

The kit included Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed decorations, cupcake liners, plates, cups, napkins and a tablecloth.  Other items included, Mickey shaped cookie cutters, measuring cups & recipes cards from ABC's show The Chew, Mickey & Minnie Lithographs and bumper stickers.  I also received balloons, tattoos, bracelets, stickers and Crasins to give to the kids.  They sent t-shirts and fabric marker so that the kids could design their own shirts and show off their #DisneySide too.  To make the party more special they sent some games for the kids to play which included Bingo and Disney Trivia.  I had bought a few prizes to give out to the winners, they really enjoyed playing Bingo.  

During the party I had the Disney vacation planning DVD playing for the adults which was also included in the kit.  It made us all ready to go on a Disney vacation.  The DVD had a lot of great information on it about all the Disney Parks.  Each guest also received an HP photo card pack so that they could create and print their own Disney themed cards at home by going to to find fun Disney designs.  I emailed each guest photos from the party so that they could use them when creating their cards.  I have made a few cards and they turned out great.  It is very fun and easy to create them.  I am going to mail some to my family for Easter.  You can get seasonal designs throughout the year so keep checking back.

The kids really had a great time designing their own shirts.  It was fun watching them make them and seeing the ideas they came up with.  My daughter came up with the idea to use the Mickey cookie cutter and trace it on her shirt.  She also put dots all over her shirt too which she calls them "fireworks".  She has a great imagination for a 5 year old.  Everyone's shirt came out great and each one was unique.  I think the shirts and fabric markers were my favorite items included in the kit.  It allowed the kids to use their imagination, show their creativity and really express their #DisneySide.  Plus it was something they enjoyed doing and it occupied them for a good while without losing their attention span and getting bored.  I think the party turned out great.  It was a "Magical Disney Kind Of Day", spending time with family and friends and enjoying the time we spent together.  Making memories is what it's all about and letting our kids have fun.

Are you a fan of Disney?  If so how do you like to show your Disney Side?  Since I was a child I have always loved Disney.  I liked watching all the Disney movies such as Bambi, Cinderella, Snow White and The Lion King.  My first trip to Disney World was so magical and something I will never forget.  Now I get to take my own child this year so that she can experience the magic too.  To show our #DisneySide we like watching Disney movies and singing Disney songs together as a family.  We like going to Disney shows and I like buying my daughter Disney themed clothes and costumes.  I already mentioned that my daughter loves to dress up.  I think it is her favorite thing to do.  Her Disney costumes consist of Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Tinker Bell, Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First.  

Do you have photos of you showing your Disney Side?  Go to to share your Disney Side photos with #DisneySide.  If you don't have any photos to share you can also visit the website to get recipes and party ideas to help you throw your own Disney themed party and more.  Thank you for reading my post about our "Magical Disney Kind Of Day" and I hope you all have a Magical Day too.

*Thank you MomSelect and Disney Parks for allowing us to participate in the #DisneySide @Home Celebration.  Disney Parks supplied me with the party kit mentioned above so that I could host the party.  The opinions expressed are my own.


Sandra VanHoey

What a great party this was and looks like so much fun. That was such a creative idea your daughter had for the cookie cutter on her shirt and it came out perfect. She is a smart one!


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