Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Help Keep Your Child Safe With, Mommy I'm Here, Child Locator #Giveaway

*Products Received

Have you ever been out somewhere with your child and turned around to find them no longer there?  That happen to me once while out shopping with my daughter.  I was so scared and in such a panic.  I was calling her name going back and forth frantically and she wasn't answering me.  I had only turned around for a second to hang a shirt back on the rack and she was gone.  Luckily I found her after about a minute but it seemed like forever.  She was hiding inside one of the clothing racks.  We had a long talk after that especially since she wasn't answering when I called her name.  Not everyone is lucky like I was.  So many children are reported missing every year and sadly not every missing child is found.  I have come across a wonderful product that could help keep your child safe by alerting you if they wander too far away.

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator is a two unit wireless device, one unit that attaches to your child and one that you keep with you.  The one that attaches to your child is a cute teddy bear (available in different colors) you can attach it to your child's shoe or belt.  The one you keep with you can attach to your keychain for easy access, it is called the keychain transmitter.  There are two version available the CL-103 and the CL-305.  They are both basically the same, the difference is, one is cheaper and one has an extra feature.  With the CL-103 if you notice that your child has strayed you simply press the button on the keychain transmitter.  It will set off an 86-decibel alarm on the bear attached to your child, allowing you to find them quick and easy.  The locator works from over 150 feet away.  The CL-305 version has an extra feature.  If your child wanders out of range (25 feet + or - depending on the environmental conditions) the keychain transmitter will chirp loudly.  Then, simply press the button on the transmitter to set off the alarm on the bear.  This will draw attention to any situation your child may be in and help you find them.  Below is a photo of both versions, they are available in blue as well.

                           Brown Bear Child Locator CL-103

                          Hot Pink Bear Child Locator CL-305

I received both versions to try out and they both work great.  I like having both versions because sometimes I prefer using the one with the alert feature and then other times I like the one where I can set off the alarm if needed.  It depends on where I am going as to which one I use.  I really like the child locators and I feel more at ease while my child is wearing it.  

Learn more about the child locators and purchase your own by going to their website  They are running a campaign to raise money to help fund additional product research and to expand their product line which includes a Bluetooth version.  You can go to to contribute and help them reach their goal.  For contributing you can select a perk as a thank you gift.  The type of perk you receive depends on the amount you contribute.  For only $29.99 you can select to receive the Basic Brown or Basic Pink Bear and it comes with a cute removable coat.  For $39.99 you can select the Advanced Blue Bear or Advanced Pink Bear and for $50.00 you can get a Limited Addition Purple Bear.

Two lucky readers will have the chance to win a child locator of their own.  One reader will win a Pink Child Locator CL-103 and one reader will win a Blue Child Locator CL-305.  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Open to U.S. ages 18 and older.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I received the child locators in order to facilitate my review.  All the opinions expressed are my own.  This giveaway is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Gina H.

I like that it works 150 feet away.


I like that this product alerts you if your child wanders too far away.


This product sound really good especially for moms who have active kids that tend to wonder off I really like that it work up to 150 feet away that a great feature


They are water resistant!


I learned that the prices are very reasonable! :)


I like that it alerts when your child is too far away. I have a nonverbal 2.5 yo so this would be great.

thomas mitchell

I like that it isn't a leash but an alarm. I worry about her wondering away but hate the child leash


I love that they are water resistant! That's great for the theme parks!

Misty Battle

I like their personal alarms also! Very useful.

Christine Jessamine

this would make a great gift. I love that this comes in brown

Alina Hahn

I like that there is a model that alerts you if your child gets around 30 feet away from you. We are planning our first family trip on an airplane and I think this would make me feel so much better at the airport and while on vacation.

Jen Schneider

I like that it alerts you when your child wanders off. We can be very careful, but toddlers are quick sometimes!

helpful heather

Over 800,000 times per year a child is lost while out with a parent or caregiver in the U.S


It is water resistant


I like that it gives your child freedom while keeping them safe.


eliza elliott

I learned it works up to 150 feet away -is that standard...i hope they come up with a longer one - you just never know what could happen. I also like the one with the auto alert.

Saver Sara

I love that they are durable and affordable.



You can buy a 2-pack for a discount.


I love that it works up to 150 ft away!


There isn't anything I don't love about this! It's a genius idea!

Angela Newsome


I like the

personal alarm in silver

Jenna Wood

I like their emergency/personal alarms.


They've been featured on CSI Miami and Good Morning America!

Wes Hovorka

The Testimonials are great. This would keep a child very safe!

Nicole Elmore

I was wondering how effective and legit these items were and whether they really worked, but I learned on that they won numerous awards and have been featured on CSI Miami as well as Good Morning America. I also found your Instructions page very resourceful and love the videos you posted to show how it works.

Emi Pearce

My 3 year old daughter disappeared when we were on vacation in Germany. When I came back I looked at these bears but thought that they were too cute and that she would be taking it off since she is into small animal toys like that (Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, etc.) What I do like on the site is the Smiley Flower or Soccer ball. They look more like those shoe charms from Crocs and so they will be left alone and not taken off.

Christy McMahon

I really like the safety alarm feature!

Sally Guillen

I like that the alarm features and you they set off at 30 ft.

Tandi Cortez-Rios

The prices are great! I've never seen or heard of these before.

brittani adams

The alarm beeps if ur child moves more than 30 feet away from you! that is awesome!!


I would be so easy to find my kid if he ran off in the store or if we were at the park and I couldn't see it!!!!

Cynthia Cover

I love that it sets off an alarm that sounds for 150ft, that is awesome!

Lara N.

They have a two-pack available! I've got twins! :)

Sky Sparkle

I like that it's waterproof

Marianne Sandling

As a parent of a special needs child who wanders of frequently, I learned that the CL305 has an advanced alert system that automatically notifies you when your child is more than 30 feet from you.


It alerts when the child is too far away I like that.

Jonathan Baker

I learned that they also have a soccer ball version - my son would love that one!

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