Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm A Blessed Mommy - 2013 Holiday Gift Guide (Accepting products until October 25th)

I'm A Blessed Mommy
2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

I have some wonderful reviews and giveaways lined up for the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide Event from some great companies.  The Holiday Gift Guide begins on November 1st and I will be posting the reviews and giveaways over a 2-3 day period depending on how many more companies sign up.  I don't want to post them all on one day and overload your emails.  The Event will last for 2 weeks and the products considered for the Holiday Gift Guide must be something that you would use for the Holiday's or something that would make a great gift for someone on your list.  If you are a company that would like to take part in this great opportunity to promote your products please contact me anytime at, 

Just to name a few companies already signed up:
Reboot Sports
The Christmas Web
* I have 4 more lined up too but it is always fun to leave some for a surprise.  One of them is offering 2 products at over $100 value.   I am really looking forward to the Holiday Gift Guide since this is the first year I have decided to host one.  I have been very blessed over the past few months, my blog has been growing and I have been building great relationships with some really wonderful companies.  I can not wait to share all the news with you all over the coming months.

*I received no compensation for writing this post.  I will be receiving products to review and giveaway for my Holiday Gift Guide.  All the opinions expressed are my own.