Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Puffs Fresh Faces Blogger

*I received the items pictured below for free from Puffs. All opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was  received.*

I was so excited when I received this kit in the mail.  I had signed up to be a Puffs Fresh Faces Blogger and didn't even know that I had been selected.  I love surprises!  From the picture below you can see my daughter loves them too.

 Puffs Fresh Faces is a moist saline tissue for adults that has been specifically designed to take on the needs of your faceThey are great to use for removing make-up and for cleaning your face at the end of the day.  You can also use them for freshening up or as a nose wipe when your allergies are acting up or if you have a cold.

I am a Saline Ambassador for the Boogie Wipes company.  They make a kid version of the saline wipes which I love.  That is why I was so excited to hear that they were going to create a new line of saline products for adults under the Puffs brand name.  I now am a fan of the Puffs saline wipes too.  I received samples of the Fresh Scent and the Light Lavender and they both smell great.

Puffs Fresh Faces is offered in Fresh Scent, Light Lavender, Fragrance Free and A Touch of Vicks.  It is available in 15 count packs for $1.99 and 45 count packs for $4.99.  To learn more you can visit


DeDa Studios

I love Boggie Wipes....I am sure I will also love the Puffs! Congrats on being a Puff's Blogger. Shared


Fantastic! I love them too! Congrats!

Amy O

Thank you both :)


These are awesome! Can't wait to find them in stores!

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