Friday, March 25, 2011


I am a so much of a sushi lover.  I could eat it everyday but it can get very expensive. I decided that I would try and make some myself at home. My sister had bought me a sushi kit for Christmas that had a how to book with it as well as a bamboo mat that you use to roll the sushi. I was very surprised as to how simple it was to make the rolls. You have to prepare the rice first using sushi rice. After you cook the rice you add rice vinegar and sugar then let it cool before you start making the sushi.  You then take some seaweed wraps lay flat on the bamboo mat, cover with the sticky rice, and then add what ever you want inside. I used crab meat, cream cheese, and cucumbers (cut into small strips). After you add your ingredients then you start rolling the bamboo mat until you form a log. Take the sushi and place it on your platter then take a wet knife and cut the log in half then cut the halves into fours. You then have eight rolls. Serve immediately or refrigerate. I think it was good for my first time making it. I think I could do better next time, now that I have an idea of how to do it.

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